Special Projects

Pin-Up Illustrations

This project began by my interest in how historically Pin-Up Illustrations were a large part of pop-culture and advertisement. They tied women's potential to their sexuality. 

At first, I started illustrating Pin-Ups of women who were outside of the original mold- caucasian, perfectly thin. Then this project has slowly been moving towards something more feminist. I want to portray modern day Sensuality past social roles- pushing the idea of Sexual Identity and Gender Identity. Portraying women of all identities embracing both feminine and masculine sensuality- with the help of some fun objects.

"Chainsaw Matinee"


"Madonna Whore"



"My Secret Record Collection"

"Ring My Line"

"Black Tie Event"

"I Scream For Ice Cream"

"In My Blue Jeans"

"Fine Set of Pearls"

"Summer Bod"

Survivor's Exploration of Daily Life


This project was an exploration into how very basic daily encounters with certain objects can trigger a Survivor of Sexual Violence. Many people don't realize how much traumatic experiences become ingrained into the simple or mundane. 

The title of these pieces are based off of examples of perpetuated rape culture in our society.

One illustration was completed every day for 30 days on site using a still life. 15 drawings were completed in black in white and 15 in color. Half of the pieces were completed in traditional media and the other half in digital media. All drawings aspired to be in the style of hyper-realism.

I have decided against posting all 30 illustrations as some are personal to me and I would prefer to keep it as so.

"Have You Already Popped Your Cherry?"

"It Just Doesn't Feel As Good With a Condom" (Colored Pencil)

"You Have To Wait Until Marriage (If You're A Woman)" (Grayscale Markers)

"I'm Really Into Being Dominant" (Watercolor)

"That's Not Very Lady-Like" (Mixed Media)

"What Were You Wearing?" (Nib With Black Ink)

"That's Such a Turn Off For Guys" (Illustrator)

"How We're They Supposed to Know That You Were Too Drunk To Consent?" (Grayscale Markers)

"You Don't Want to Get All Loose Down There" (Mixed Media)

"I Barely Even Touched Her" (Acrylics)

"You Should Have Kept Your Legs Shut" (Graphite)

"She's More of A Hook-up If You Know What I Mean" (Grayscale Markers)

"I'd Love to Take A Bite Out Of That Ass" (Mixed Media)

"Your Virginity Is A Precious Flower" (Markers)

"Period Sex Grosses Me Out" (Gouache)

"Lock Her Up" (Illustrator)

Textile Based Imagery

These pieces began with the painting to the left. It was inspired by the various intricate patterns and colors of many textiles from around the world. The background and bottom left of this piece are comprised of designs inspired by the  traditional Mola Art of the Kuna people of Panama and Columbia. The other designs featured are geometrical fabric design from Moscow and a very Mod style from the US.

I was so excited about this project that I ended up pursuing an independent study with my awesome Professor Jorge Benitez. In this project I created three fabric designs using a grid method and curved lines. The next three pieces were created based on a book of Historical Sacred Geometry that was lent to me by a fellow student.


"Bananas" (Gouache)

"Virus" (Pen & Ink)

"Oragami" (Gouache)

"Diamond Dust" (Watercolor)

"Fractured Marbles" (Watercolor)

"Rutilated Geode" (Watercolor

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